Our Products


LED BULB(All Type) :- White , Cool day Light, unbreakable LED Bulb, Eco smart Light bulbs, save money and energy.

Vibra + Souna belt Magnetic

Vibra + Souna belt Magnetic for weight loss & Fat Burning for men and women

Mosquito Killer

Body Guard Electronic insect & mosquito with night light lamp, fly killer, No Radiation No smoke, Mosquito catching machine.

Himkunj :- Ayurvedic hair oil

Himkunj :- Ayurvedic hair oil , Reduces hair fall, makes hair strong for both men & women.


Pain Relief oil & potli joint and muscular pain


Ayurvedic tooth powder for healthy teeth, Strong gum & Refreshing Breathe.

Facial kit

Facial kit - Flawless Glowing skin Anytime , Anywhere & Repair damaged skin, Reduces pimples & dark spots.

Magnetic Head Massager

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Pest Repellar

Pest Repellar to Repel Rats, cockroach, mosquito & Ants Repeller Health cara system

Body Relax Massager

Body Relax Massager :- Relieve muscle pain & Body ache, Safe & provides quick relief

Super Himkunj :- Ayurvedic strong Hair oil

Super Himkunj :- Ayurvedic strong Hair oil ,Reduces hair fall, Make hair Strong & great product to remove stress and tension

Magnetic mug (Jaar)

Magnetic mug (Jaar) :- Drink magnetized water for improve gastrointestinal function, promote the body metabolism , improve immunity & High blood pressure

Rollar massager

Rollar massager - Rollar massager with 16 Round wheels for shoulder pain / Back pain massager Acupressure Rollar.

Rollar massager

Acupressure massager for Stress & Pain Relief with foot Roller massager.

Sticker Galaxy

Sticker Galaxy - Night Glow in the dark, star Astronomy moon wall stickers with star's big & Small.(Radium stickers)