Don't wait for opportunities. Create them!

Message from Director


I’m extremely privileged to lead the SKY GROUP. SKY GROUP is a non-profitable organization that works in the field of marketing and development


In SKY GROUP opportunities are many and the future is great but to make the most of it you have to work hard and give your best. I promise you that along with you we will toil and we will give our best to ensure each one’s dreams and aspirations are full fulfilled by SKY GROUP

Your dreams are our dreams. Your aspirations are our aspirations. It’s in your victory that we celebrate our success so join us on the journey to a successful future with confidence and let’s leave no stone unturned to create a future that will make progress and development in our society.

In the end, I take the opportunity to welcome you all and wish you or the very best in accomplishing your dream

“किसी के काम करने का Action ही , आपके अन्दर Motivation लाता है “

Best wishes and regards
Mr. Ravi Sir
Director (SKY GROUP)

Message from Sr. Branch Manager


Dear Friends,  Welcome to SKY GROUP

An MBA, HR & Marketing with 10 years of sales and marketing experience in sales management.SKY GROUP has established itself as a center of excellence in the field of business education. We endeavor to enable our students to face challenges in the competitive world of business.

The SKY GROUP not only focuses on the professional development of a student to excel in the environment. Our goal is to get the maximum and we strive hard to achieve it.We guide you to achieve higher goals that can not be learned in the classroom. We show you the way but it is you who have to walk the way, Self discipline and commitment and your efforts that will you to become a leader.The SKY GROUP has state of an art conducive environment for the overall development of everyone.Join us and let’s take this journey together

“Sky is the limit but success is unlimited”

Best wishes & Regards

Mr. Rishabh Prajapati
Sr. branch Manager- (SKY GROUP)

Sr.Branch Manager
(Mr.Rishabh Prajapati)
Branch Manager
(Mr.Bihari Ahirwar)

Message from Branch Manager


Welcome to this organization I wish you a bright future the aim of this organization is to make the life of the common people easier in the country and to facilitate every person through its works and services


The experience of the people working in the organization has proved to be a milestone for the organization. From our experience so far we are committed to continuously achieving our goals


The organization is also committed to develop talent by consistently connecting its employees with technology from time to time, and giving management training, due to which they are achieving success in their work and have been the biggest contribution to the growth and development of the organization. The organisation has the spirit and mood to work dedicatedly by moving forward in the future discovering the opportunity and recognizing  its importance 


“न संघर्ष, न तकलीफ तो क्या मजा है जीने में ,
बड़े बड़े तूफ़ान थम जाते हैं , जाब आग लगी हो सीने में !”

Best wishes and regards

Mr. Bihari Ahirwar

Branch Manger (SKY GROUP)