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Sky Records

Sky Records, an indie label venture in partnership with The Audio Kitchen (USA) and International Rock Agency (Europe).

We are a label that is very passionate about music and the artists that make it. We are unique because we help you get that BIG professional sound that you hear on all of the international records. How do we do it? We take your multi track recordings and mix and master them on a vintage Neve mixing desk in the United States by veteran audio professionals. Your music is in the hands of some of the finest audio engineers available worldwide! Under the label we deal in studio works where we have specialized engineers in the field of mixing and mastering from USA.

We provide artists the opportunity to sound every bit as good as an international artist, but at a price that reflects a local studio cost.

The label offers a unique opportunity only to the musicians based in Nagaland where they can avail the opportunity on installment basis.

The label co ordinates with markets in India, Europe, USA and arrange tours for the bands and artists who have the passion and dreams to perform worldwide and get exposed to new audiences and culture. The label now provides opportunity to the artists from India to collaborate with known artists/musicians from the west.

With collective experience of more than 60 years in the music industry, sky records is here to help you bring your dreams into a reality.

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